Ballard Bistro replaces Rizzo’s French Dip

A new restaurant has taken over the small spot on 15th Ave NW that used to be Rizzo’s French Dip.

Ballard Bistro opened last week at 7334 15th Avenue NW. The new bistro features a short menu which includes French Dip sandwiches (which the new owner tells us is better than before), pancake sandwiches (yes, a sandwich between two pancakes), BBQ pork bum and curry chicken with rice. Ballard Bistro is open six days a week from 10:30 a.m. to 7 p.m., they’re closed on Sunday. (Thanks Leanne for the tip!)

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17 thoughts to “Ballard Bistro replaces Rizzo’s French Dip”

  1. One hopes that this business owner can survive without resorting to slave labor, like Rizzo did (no wages, not allowed to leave, what would you call it?)

  2. Go freaking try this place, THEN complain. 4 Gods sakes people. Comments here ARE what’s wrong with the internet. Go Google yourself

  3. Bobcat! You fucker!
    Been a long time….
    You still DJ’ing a night here and there in Ballard?
    One of the four guys who lived at 1446 NW 63rd…which is now an Aki’s/GEICO lot.

  4. Hi I’m the Song Of Tony rizzos Franks Nephew
    It’s cool to see a New French dip place in are old location I’m sure I can get the whole Rizzo family to come Check it out 1 day

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