10 thoughts to “Founder of Lunchbox Laboratory dies”

  1. Phew, at least it wasn’t the greasy food that did him in. Or the underground heart/stomach work he had done in Mexico (I’m not kidding).

  2. Yet 2 weeks ago everyone was lolling at a homeless booze hound who died in a park. Thats the new Ballard hipster mentality I guess (as shown by your style of glasses).

    Homeless wino == not cool
    Ultra greasy food chef == tragedy

    I’ve been to their restaurant a number of times. They were rude with patrons and the whole kitsch-atmosphere was trying desperately to be “cool” while at the same time charging you an arm and a leg for low quality meat served in a closet with dripping grease.

    This is why you’re fat Seattle.

  3. I find it laughable that you mock “hipster” Ballard for lamenting the death of a chef whose restaurant you admittedly ate at “a number of times” despite what you characterize as desperate attempts at coolness, expensive food, low quality meat and rude treatment. Honestly it sounds like the sheep-like behavior some attribute to “hipsters” or others who care only about fitting in.

    Moreover you suggest that “everyone” (it is unclear whether in Ballard or Seattle) was treating the death of a homeless person insensitively while refering to the individual as a “booze hound” and “wino.” The homeless and their advocates must be grateful for your compassion. I am curious though: what data did you collect to support your well conceptualized and articulated conclusions?

    I will miss Scott Simpson. I found him a friendly individual who was passionate about what he did. His cuisine at Fork showed flashes of brilliance.


    According to CDC data in 2010 Washington State had the 28th highest percentage of adults meeting the standard for obesity. Only 9 states had an obesity average 2% or grater than Washington. Based on 2009 data Washington had the 34th highest percentage of adults who were obese or overweight. At least 50% of the adult population of every state in the nation was obese or overweight.

  4. You are an insensitive jerk. Nothing like kicking someone when they
    can’t defend himself. Hope when you pass on, others will be more respectful than you are to Scott. His Aunt.

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