Ballardite warns of gym thefts

Erin Axton, a member of the Olympic Athletic Club (5301 Leary Ave NW), this morning has a warning for gym users – thefts are on the rise. This morning on King5 News she warns of theft in the women’s locker room at OAC. The thief did more than just steal her stuff from the gym, they also went to her car and stole about $3,000 worth of stuff inside, including her laptop, camera, expensive hand-bag, wallet with identification and charged her credit card, the news station is reporting.

Axton admits that she usually just hangs her jacket on a hook in the locker room and doesn’t lock it up in a locker. “I am partly to blame but I have done this for years. You don’t think someone is going to take your car keys and go walk around the block saying ‘oh it beeps, I’m going to go and take everything out of the car,’” Axton told King5.

Mark Durall, the general manager of the club, tells King5 that he’s gone through the surveillance tape from the camera outside the locker room, but can’t identify who took Axton’s belongings. Axton wasn’t the only victim that day, Durall told King5.

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  1. I go to OAC too. And I have to say SO MANY people don’t lock up there stuff. I know we’d all love to think that these people that you share the locker room are honest, good people… but the reality is, you make it really damn tempting when you leave your purse/jacket/laptop bag in easy grasp for anyone. A $5 lock would prevent 99% of this from happening.

  2. First of all, this really does suck and I’m sorry that it happened. I go to OAC and hate that people are trolling the locker rooms in order to steal.

    I also understand not locking your locker because there is a sense of trust there. At least, there was. I always lock mine, but I know many people don’t.

    What I don’t get is why anyone would leave $3k worth of stuff in their car, along with their wallet, ID and laptop. Again, I am sorry this happened, but no one should be leaving these items in their car unattended. In 1993 I had a brand new Dooney Burke bag and wallet stolen from my car in a gym parking lot and have never bought a pricey bag since. Scarred for life!

  3. I’m sorry this happened to her and the other theft victims, but if your careless with your possessions then somebody will take advantage. You live in a city where theft is common and you can’t trust everybody. It shocks me whenever I see how people don’t seem to realize this. I don’t attend OAC, but I do go to BHC and it’s the same story there. LOCK YOUR $HIT UP.

  4. I am sorry, you shouldn’t trust ANYONE at a gym with your things unlocked. That just isn’t smart. Also to have $3k of things in your car, sorry once again, don’t trust anyone. It is sad we have to say that and we can’t trust people, but you have to think for 5 seconds to realize that is just stupid to do. With how many thefts there are of things in easy to see locations, I get no sympathy when I hear stories like this. I wouldn’t want any if it happened to me. I would be angry at myself. Get a locker. If you don’t trust the locker for your laptop, give it to the front desk. I am sure they will look after it.

  5. I don’t belong there, but I find it kind of lame that with all the surveillance cameras (I’d hope they’d have) they still can not identify the thief.

    it’s obviously a member or an employee. certainly shouldn’t take too much sleuthing to figure it out.

  6. I’ve left the front door of my house open and unlocked for years. You don’t think someone is going to come into your house and take everything but the house…

  7. As a former OAC member, I hate the people who don’t lock their lockers. For one, I would end up opening locker after locker of people’s stuff thinking that they were empty–the lock is how you designate your locker as taken.

    So not only is this woman dumb, she’s obnoxious.

  8. I was thinking more at the entryway or in the garage, but I’d take a live web-feed of the women’s locker room (you know, just as a precaution against further incidents of similar naked, I mean nature.

  9. A good laptop can account for half or 2/3rds of that $3000. A good digital camera can be $300 to $500 for a point and shoot and well over $3000 for a DSLR and lens. But yeah, don’t leave your stuff in the car. …or unlocked. …or even have nice stuff. …or go to the gym. …or leave the house. …or even have any kind of life.

  10. I’m with texast. Personally, $3k is pretty dear to me right now. If I spent a good deal of money on my belongings and they were stolen because I was too naive to realize that it’s dumb to leave car keys unattended for an extended period of time, I wouldn’t complain about the lack of security at the gym. I would be kicking myself in the butt for being such a dumbazz and I would go back to shopping for purses off of the clearance table at Macy’s.

  11. There is big difference between not leaving the house out of fear and not being responsible by locking up your valuables. How hard is it to put those things in a locker or not tote them around with you everywhere? It might be inconvenient to not have all your possessions on you at once, but I’m pretty sure it’s doable.

  12. Even with video cameras I’d imagine it would be difficult to figure out who did it. All you have are shots of members/employees entering and leaving the building. You don’t know when the theif entered – may have been well before the theft occurred. And OAC has multiple parking lots, not to mention many people just use street parking.

  13. I lock my stuff up. But some people need to tote around some pretty expensive stuff for their work. I used to travel the world regularly with $14,000 of stuff strapped to my back as part of my job.

  14. I’m pretty sure going to the gym wasn’t part of this woman’s job. Having $3k worth of possessions in your car and leaving your car keys unattended in a public place is just dumb.

  15. FFS! Since this site won’t allow links, you’ll have to look up on KiroTV’s website about two people arrested for breaking into cars. They’re believed to be part of a “ring” and responsible for a lot of the recent thefts around here. It could be the same people.

  16. We used to have a great saying the Army: “Unsecured is unwanted” Yep, even among brothers in arms, guys you were with 24/7 and who would risk their lives for you, you still locked your gear up. It helps keep an honest man honest.

    My old man was a burglary detective and he said this is actually pretty common. He said it’s also VERY common for people to steal things out of offices, especially large offices where people won’t know every person in the building. People will often be nice and let in that person they’ve never seen before and who says they left their badge at their desk. When at work you should keep your personal valuables locked in a desk drawer. Yeah, it sucks that we live in that sort of world but it doesn’t alter the facts. If you value your stuff you need to be responsible for it.

  17. You live in a big city. What part of city life did this person not understand? Assume anything is possible, from the very best to the very worst. Assuming anything else is too idealistic and lacks reality.

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