Volunteers needed for spring egg ‘hunts’

Each year hundreds of excited kids “hunt” for eggs at the Loyal Heights Community Center (2101 NW 77th St) and the Ballard Community Center (6020 28th Ave NW). Organizers are looking for volunteers to make this year’s event successful. “We need help hiding eggs, assistance during the ‘hunt’ and with light clean-up after the event,” Amy Janas writes us.

“We need extra volunteers for this event,” says Janas. “The Ballard Community Center has faced extreme cut-backs this year: the hours and staff have been drastically reduced. The Ballard Advisory Committee (a group of community volunteers who oversee events and operations at the Ballard Community Center) wants to see events like these continue — so we are calling on support of the community.”

Total time from set-up to clean-up is approximately two hours, from 9 to 11 a.m. on Saturday, April 23, although people can volunteer for just part of the morning. The hunts themselves will be at 10 a.m. If you’re interested in volunteering, contact Gwen Wessels at the Ballard Community Center, (206) 684-4093. If you’re interested in volunteering at Loyal Heights, call the center at (206) 684-4052.

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11 thoughts to “Volunteers needed for spring egg ‘hunts’”

  1. PLEASE, encourage & let folks candy donate candy as well…. Last year’s hunt was so small compared to years prior, and really hard on the smaller kids who don’t move as fast…. I saw multiple small kids who ended up with nothing. I will gladly drop off a bag – and hey, parents of big kids – teach your kid some manners!!!

  2. Those Spring Eggs are eerily similar to the things we used to hunt when I was a kid called “Easter Eggs.”

    I wonder if they’d get more volunteers if they called it by that outdated name…

  3. Politcially correct you say? What about those of us who find the word Egg limiting and offensive? And what about our brothers and sisters in regions of Earth that don’t experience distinct seasons, like Spring?

    I prefer “Arbitrary Object Gathering,” and I respectfully request that everyone else call it that as to not offend the scores of people whose feelings I believe I’m protecting.

  4. A spring egg is laid by a mother spring. It will eventually hatch into a baby spring. Many months later the baby spring will grow up and mate with another spring. After the mating ritual, new spring eggs will be produced.

  5. I’m new here to mAke comment. I’m on my phone too which is kinda cool but I’m wondering why is the issue with Spring Wggs? where are they coming frombecause my daughter can only eat cooked eggs or if these are already cook who has done that? I just wanna be safe 4 spring.

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