Despite weather, spray park opens in Ballard

Despite our cold, wet spring, the water feature at Ballard Commons Park (5701 22nd Ave. NW) is now open.

We spoke with Dewey Potter with Seattle Parks who tells us it doesn’t make sense to turn them on and off according to the weather because it’s more than just a switch to activate the feature. So once the sun comes out and warms up a little bit, the spray park is ready! It is open everyday from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. until October 15th.

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11 thoughts to “Despite weather, spray park opens in Ballard”

  1. Hey, instead of building the new scrub-a-bum facility down the road, why not throw the switch on this sucker whenever Ballard’s finest gather on the commons?

  2. “You folks” meaning “us tax payers” to me. Why is it such a wonderful thing to have human shreds of debris wandering amongst us all the time? I think it’s due in part to the touchy-feely uber liberals that have helped create ’em. Why don’t some here simply take some home and get it over with and keep your laws out of my bank account? Most limitations are self-imposed.

  3. I don’t know if its so much the liberals that “created ’em” or the religious fanatics that need to redeem themselves by protecting the homeless. I wish the religious fanatics had chosen single mothers to protect rather than sex offenders, drug addicts and hopeless street drunks. Again its do as I say, not as I do — as the religious fanatics won’t take the homeless into their own homes, but they want to force the rest of society into dealing with them in our neighborhoods and at our cost.

  4. You missed my meaning. I was referring to anyone, on any side of any issue, who immediately responds to postings with the same old litany.

  5. Well, it’s important to make the worse of the worse of the bums know they are not welcome here. It’ll only be an ‘old litany’ once they’ve moved on to another community to exploit. Until then, I, for one, will not let the dopers, drunks and bums who have overtaken downtown Ballard feel at all welcome. From what I can tell, many folks in these parts feel the same way and are sick and tired of it.

    A few bums is fine, normal, almost quaint, but what we have now is an infestation.

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