Savour applies for outdoor café permit

Once the sun comes out, the owner of Savour (2242 NW Market St) wants to add outside seating. “The outdoor café is a chance to expand our seating area, at least during the warm weather months, without taking more retail space in the store,” owner Holly McLean tells us. “Also, we’re excited to have customers enjoy items from our menu with a glass of wine or beer in the sunshine, as we know how Seattleites worship the sun!”

The 16 to 20 seats in the outdoor café will be the entire length of the storefront. “I want the outdoor space to have a European feel and will achieve that with beautiful flower planters and wrought iron railings and furniture,” McLean says. The culinary leader at Savour is putting together a small plate menu to pair with wines and beers, “and designed specifically to enhance our outdoor dining experience.” McLean is currently working to add the outdoor addition to the Savour liquor license by the time the café opens in May.

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10 thoughts to “Savour applies for outdoor café permit”

  1. I feel bad about saying this, but I’m indifferent. The products carried there are attractive and desirable, but costly. I might stop by on a Sunday afternoon, but I have no intention of paying to take the bus there and back (driving and parking on other days is out).

    The idea of a cafe there sounds pretty, but they may want to think about hiring security. The bus stop nearby often smells foul and is always filthy, so I wouldn’t dream of eating outside anywhere near it (even during Seafood Fest). I guess it depends on how high and substantial the wrought-iron fence will be…

  2. Sounds like a good excuse to try them out. I like sidewalk cafes, especially those facing south with great sun exposure (when it’s out).

  3. Congratulations, Holly! Can’t wait to try it out – Ballard has far too few dining establishments on the north side of the street to enjoy the sun (we walked all over looking for one on Saturday).

  4. Not so pricey compared to other gourmet shops. And the staff are very friendly, compared to other places in Ballard and downtown. This is one of my favorite places to stop by and pick up something random for my kitchen.

    Security? Please.

  5. Security? Because the commoners who dare to ride the bus or walk along the sidewalk are so horribly scary?

    I think we’ll all be better off if you refrain from venturing out of your sterile bubble.

  6. I went here for the first time today. I wanted to like it…I really did. Alas, I think Picnic on Phinney Ridge is better. I’ll probably try Savour again when the outdoor area opens so I can sample their “small plates,” but for today, I was disappointed…

  7. CAGAS mumbled: “I feel bad about saying this, but I’m indifferent. ”

    If you were indifferent you wouldn’t have posted a comment.

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