Nominate a busy mom for a Mother’s Day makeover

Many moms are so busy taking care of other people that they don’t have time to think about themselves. That’s why Susan Grace of Ballard’s Suite 300 Skincare (5424 Ballard Ave NW #300) is teaming up with Frederick’s of Greenwood (8524 Greenwood Ave N) to offer one lucky mom a makeover. “Mother’s Day is the one day a year that we show mothers how much we appreciate them,” Grace tells us. “This is just us doing our part to spread the love.”

The magnificent makeover will include:

A skin care consultation to determine the best treatment
Signature facial
Moisturizing hand and arm treatment
Brow shaping (and possibly other face hair removal if needed)
A hair consultation to decide on the best new look for mom
All over color, highlights or lowlights
Haircut and style
AND a goody bag of products for mom to indulge in at home

To enter, send a brief note by May 6th on why the mom you’re nominating deserves the makeover to: by May 6th. The contest is only open to moms in the Seattle area.

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Hello Everyone: It’s really an honor to nominate Ms. Linda Scott as the busy mom – mother’s day makeover candidate. I hope I can help her have a much deserved day of pampering. I know there are more loving, dedicated single mothers out there than can be possibly imagined or counted. I just feel Linda has put an extra dose of love and hard work into her effort. There’s a spirit she’s brought to loving and raising her son that I haven’t seen rivaled. She’s been extremely committed to helping her son with any and all of his studies. This means she’s been a hard working tutor herself, but also sought out other sources very actively (I’ve heard her mention reading clubs as one example). Also, she is very aware of how her son might view her involvement in his daily life– what it can mean to him now and later. She took on the task of co-ordinating popcorn sales for his cub scout group this past winter. I know this wasn’t always easy, but she did it because she wanted him to know she cared. To say that Linda does these many activities to help her son, though, is… Read more »


Greetings, I would also like to nominate Linda Scott for this mother’s day makeover and second the nomination by Maureen Barrett. I concur with the sentiments expressed by Ms. Barrett about Linda as well as knowing full well the appreciation and gratitude that Linda would have for this experience. Linda’s dedication as a mother is truly inspiring. She has been endeavoring to raise her son Mo single-handedly without the benefit of extended family members or his father for the majority of Mo’s 10 1/2 yrs. Linda has the support of her younger sister in this endeavor who lives in the city but not that full compliment of family members that can help to give her that moral and physical time off of being Mom 24/7. I can attest to the sacrifices that Linda has made over the course of her journey as a single mom. My experience has been that Linda rarely takes the time to think of giving herself the treat of a makeover when she clearly deserves it. Rather, she is busy getting Mo to his various activities and working a tireless 40 hr week herself. In my estimation Linda Scott is a very highly qualified candidate for… Read more »