Nickelsville on the move again

Last year Interbay was on the short list to become a semi-permanent home for Nickelsville, Seattle’s roaming tent city, but Mayor McGinn would like to see the residents move to SODO. That may not happen and according to Publicola, Interbay may be back on the list. The nearly 100 people must move on May 15th from their current home in Lake City. The group spent several months in Magnolia before moving along to the University District.

MyBallard has partnered with the Common Language Project and the Entrepreneurial Journalism class at the University of Washington. In this multi-media presentation, Katie Melton, Ann Trigg and Allison Barrett go inside Nickelsville to learn more about the group.

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  2. Mabye so…

    It’s ok to talk about eradicating the homeless but point out how that’ s no different than the ‘final solution’ and the PC Nazi’s get all in a censorship twist.

    You can play the Kim Il-sung game all you want but I’m betting you won’t continue once a light is shown on you.

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