‘Healthy’ chocolates made in Ballard

Last New Year’s Eve, Mike Arcuri made some pretty normal resolutions: exercise more, eat healthier, and take more vitamins. And, he’s kept those resolutions. Only, he tweaked them a little.

“What I found is a couple months went by and I wasn’t taking the vitamins. And I thought, that’s the easiest one on the list!” Arcuri laughed.  “Why am I not doing that?” So, Arcuri found a way to combine a healthy habit with something he loves: chocolate. And voila! Vibrant Chocolate was born.

Arcuri’s kitchen is just off NW Market St. in Ballard. He’s been in business just five weeks, and has already secured a couple events to showcase his gourmet goodies. Arcuri says he hopes to be at the Ballard Sunday Market sometime soon.  “What we want to do is help people stick to a schedule and replace something that’s not very pleasant with something that’s both indulgent and a ritual that’s good for your health,” Arcuri explained.

Vibrant Chocolate offers several different options, from the omega-3-infused chocolate salted caramel named “Caramel Snap Delight” to vitamin-D-infused “Peanut Butter Sunshine.”

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  1. In other news, McDonalds started offering a ‘healthy’ Big Mac, which is the same Big Mac, but with ground up Centrum pills in the patty.

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