11 thoughts to “A look back at Ballard Avenue”

  1. Great photos. Acme Electric and the Melody Tavern. Think when I visited Ballard in the late ’90s the Melody Tavern was called the New Melody Tavern.

  2. Baaah, the early-1900s is when all the shuppies (shingle makers) moved in and ruined the place with their fancy ‘telegraph’ machines and ‘horseless’ carriages. I prefer Ballard the way it was before!

  3. Those were photos from the assessor’s office, and “Gilman Park” was the “addition”. It is part of the legal description for the parcel. For instance 5215 Ballard Ave NW is listed as “GILMAN PARK ADD PCL A SEATTLE BLA ….”

    Here’s a little link to a bit about Gilman Park (you’ll have to fix the space before the dot com: http://gilmanpark.wordpress .com/about/

  4. That’s the PI’s model for revenue. A new page for every photo in a slideshow means that they can count all those ads as new views. Why do you think what was once a genuine news source has devolved into a bunch of celebrity photos?
    I didn’t get past the fourth photo before giving up.

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