Ballard High School’s first annual students vs. staff basketball game

On Tuesday night, Ballard High School had its first students-versus-staff basketball game to raise money for the school’s football team.

Over 200 attended the game, and the staff clutched victory over the students, 111 to 103.  John Verduin, president of the BHS PTSA wrote in an email, “Highlights from ‘Team Staff’ included high flying moves by track coach Frederick, NBA three-pointers by softball coach Gray, smothering defense by Principal Wynkoop, and dead-eye shooting by teacher Gina O’Neill.” The student team was made up of student body officers and student athletes from cheer, gymnastics, football, softball, basketball, baseball and track.

Team Student

Team Staff

All photos by Tony Meyer

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Barney Stinson
Barney Stinson

My high school has been doing this since it first had seniors (97) and the students team has only won twice. (glory years alert) I was on the first student team to defeat the staff.

Cue Springsteen…

Clay Boggess

Sounds like this will be the first of many contests to come.
Where’s the D though? LOL