Local dietitian offers home visits for families

Emily Kelley is all about food. From her personal blog to her newly founded company, Vesta Nutrition, she works tirelessly to find the freshest, healthiest, and tastiest food in Seattle. And now, she’s planning on sharing her knowledge with Seattle families.

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Kelley is a registered dietitian, and she started Vesta Nutrition because she wants to help families, “reduce stress around mealtimes, and to discover enjoyment in feeding themselves and their families.” But she won’t just give you a food plan and wish you luck; she’ll go through your pantry, help you cook dinner, and even go to the grocery store with you. The idea is to create a realistic and sustainable plan for families.

Each option offers an initial 20-minute meet and greet, a 90-minute in-home consultation, and a 20-minute follow-up, with more home visits available when needed.

While Vesta Nutrition specializes in family nutrition, Kelley  said she has a number of additional specialties. She can work with families whose children have dietary needs ranging from feeding difficulty to autism and even ADHD. Kelley wants to create individual diet plans to help clients actually see changes.

She has a sound approach for teaching healthy eating habits: there are no “bad” foods, she says on her website. “Every food can be part of a healthy and balanced diet.” So, even your potato chips might have a place in your pantry after she’s done her work.

33 thoughts to “Local dietitian offers home visits for families”

  1. The only “stress around mealtimes” I have comes from worrying that some idiot in the mayor’s office will mandate that a registered dietician visit my home to determine if potato chips have a place in my pantry.

    God help us.

    And please pass the bacon.

  2. Teach us how to eat, teach us how to date. What’s next, teach us how to wipe our bottoms? Since when did grown-ups become so incompetent?

  3. Got to love the Fox-newsies, even when something isn’t political, they gotta vomit their opinion into conversation/news. 

    Well done, now please tell us why day care is a death squads for toddlers…

  4. And why do simpletons always assume that anyone who voices criticism against one of their darlings is a knuckle-dragging, right wing troglodyte? I’m a lifelong Democrat, a Progressive, a fan of potato chips and ice cream, and I’m sick of the liars and professional bulls*t artists running this city into the ground. Unfortunately, there are just as many clueless morons on the left as there are on the right.

  5. Emily is AMAZING. She’s helped me with several specific dietary needs, and how to actually create meals for a family of five (two vegetarian, one gluten free, one low carbs, one high fiber).

  6. Eat less (fewer calories), get off your ass and exercise more.

    That’s pretty much all you need to know, besides common sense details like, that triple-bacon-cheeseburger with a large fries washed down by a extra large milkshake may be delish, but you’ll have to do an extra lap around Greenlake for your penance.  Really, how hard is this?

    I wish her luck in her business, but coming to your house to inspect your pantry? Puh-lease…

  7. You missed the point dude, why are you even bringing politics up in a story like this?  Save it for your friends and relatives who might give a crap.

  8. is this meant to be funny or are you serious??? what the heck does the mayor have to do with this girl opening a business?  stop trying to make up news just to make some half-ass point about something not even related.  seriously…

  9. If you are a working parent with little time and a child who has just been diagnosed with a health issue that requires a change in diet, you might be glad that someone offers such a practical service tailored to your schedule. Why criticize the idea just because you don’t need it? Someone else might.

  10. I have used Emily’s services – I do have a special needs child with intense feeding issues, extremely low weight (of the charts low), birth defects in his esophagus with allergies and reflux to boot.  Imagine being told all of this and not knowing what you will feed your baby and how you will make his needs work within the rest of your family plan… 
     There is a need for someone to teach you these things!!!  Don’t be so ignorant to think the only topic is weight loss for the cheeseburger and milkshake eating people – there are other reasons families need this help!

  11. What’s up with the influx of advertise-y posts on MyBallard? The paddleboard rentals, internet dating and now this dieting post aren’t local news or events, they’re just press releases.
    How can I get my business up here, GeekySwedes?

  12. Emily offers an amazing service for families needing assistance.  We have a son with special needs – Sensory Procesing Disorder, Reflx, Allergies, birth defects in his esophagus, mild cleft palet, sleep apnea, and exremely low weight.  Emily helped us learn to shop, cook, bake and manage is food needs and incorporated the entire family so we were not all eating something different – especailly since he needs the socail experience of eating as a family without feeling different.  Emily started with us when our son was 8 months old and he is now 3.  His needs are manageable now – but we never would have survived it all without Emily!

  13. have you looked around? there are fat people everywhere! obviously it’s not as easy as googling “nutritional diets” or people would be doing that. what’s wrong with a little help and guidance? you don’t need to go to a gym either because the basic principles are cardio and weight and you can find that online too but that doesn’t mean everyone is going to. 

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