New exhibition at Nordic Heritage Museum

The Nordic Heritage Museum has unveiled a new exhibition titled “17 Swedish Designers,” featuring recent work by women working in contemporary industrial and interior design. In an email, Hilda Cullen from the museum said it’s a unique opportunity to see industrial design work by women.

From the beginning of the last century, female pioneer designers could be counted on two hands. But things have been changing, and as more women enter the field of design, the designs themselves have changed. This particular exhibition, with more than 60 examples of high design in the form of furniture, textiles, glass, and ceramics, has a sensuality and sensitivity to form and function that is (to my eye, at least), very female.

The exhibition will remain open until August 21. From the museum’s press release:

“This is a great opportunity to see cutting edge Swedish design: furniture, textiles and household objects as unique and extraordinary as the women who designed them,” said Eric Nelson, CEO of the Nordic Heritage Museum. “If you know Scandinavian design,” he commented, “you’ll want to see this exhibit. If you don’t know Scandinavian design, you need to see it.

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