“CRUSH KIDS’ CANCER” with Owain’s Army

We first met 10-year-old Owain Weinert more than a year ago, just months after being diagnosed with Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia (ALL). Even before he had cancer, Weinert wanted to help find a cure for the disease. Now that he’s in the midst of his own battle, he’s become more of an activist than ever before. Although he’s too sick to ride, the other Weinerts and friends will be participating in the Seattle to Portland Bicycle Classic on July 9th and 10th.

According to Weinert’s research, 36 kids are diagnosed with cancer everyday. “What if, for each of the children who will be diagnosed during the ride, we could get a rider doing fundraising? What if we could get 72 people out there riding 200 miles all united in the cause to CRUSH KIDS’ CANCER?” Owain’s dad, Alex, emailed us.

So far more than 50 people are signed up to ride with Owain’s Army and they’re looking for about 20 more riders. Unfortunately the STP is sold out, so only people who are currently registered with no affiliation can join. More information on what you’ll get if you ride with the group (massage, catered lunch, etc) can be found here.

Aren’t riding, but still want to donate to find a cure for pediatric cancer? Click here.

Alex also sent along this update on how Owain is doing:

Owain just turned 10, is still in treatment (for about 2 more years), and is very sick, every day. There’s only so much we can do individually or as a family to ride this out. Owain feels better when we are fighting back – he thinks the one good thing that could happen out of this is that we make a difference so other kids don’t have to suffer so much.

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