Man tasered during struggle in Ballard

A man says he was tasered during a fight last week near Cupcake Royale. This is from the police report

On the above date/ time indicated (June 17th, 6:56 a.m.), victim states he observed the suspect talking on a public phone in front of [redacted] NW Market St. The victim states the suspect was playing with a taser type weapon while talking on the phone, making it spark. The victim stated the suspect said something to him as he walked by. Something to the affect, “What are you looking at?” The suspect then said, “I’ll tase you.” The victim and suspect then started arguing and the suspect chased the victim and they began struggling and the suspect tased the victim under his chin area with the taser- once. The witness who works at the Verite coffee, observed the two people arguing outside and struggling with each other. The witness observed the suspect with a taser and heard it sparking and observed him jabbing it at the victim. At one point the battery fell out of the taser, but the suspect continued jabbing at the victim. The suspect replaced the battery and continued to chase the victim. Per the victim, he was only tazed once and received a small mark to his chin area, where the taser made contact with him. The suspect was last observed NB on 20th heading towards 57th st. Officers conducted an area check with negative results. The victim states he recognizes the suspect as being a transient in the area, but doesn’t know his name, or where he hangs out.

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