First-time food vendor wins Best of the Fest

A first-time food vendor took the top spot at the weekend’s SeafoodFest. Darrell McManus, SeafoodFest Chair, tells us that three out of the four judges picked The Whim as the winner. McManus says their gumbo had “just enough spice.”

Ballard Brothers Seafood and Burgers, who is always on the list, came in second. “In my opinion they are a victim of their own success,” McManus says. “It’s so expected that they will do well that they are taken for granted a bit.”

“The big surprise was Alaska Weathervane,” McManus tells us. “They were the winner last year (by a long ways) with a Bacon wrapped Scallop taco called the Scallorito. All of the judges were looking forward to that entry but instead they did Scallops over rice with a Marsala sauce (No Bacon!). It was good but it wasn’t exceptional. Should have stuck with the one that got them to the dance.”

The four judges each took a single bit out of each entry. To be qualified for the event, a vendor must have a seafood dish on the regular menu.

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