Patty Pan Grill offers ‘The Humble Feast’

“The Humble Feast” is a new Ballard community dinner put on by the owner of Patty Pan Grill, a fixture at the Ballard Farmers Market, and formerly on 20th Ave NW before closing in 2009.

“I’ve been wanting to do these dinners for years. From time to time I’m asked to contribute menu items to events aimed at raising awareness about local foods, and when I attend the events I always feel that they’re far too expensive and extravagant to truly encourage folks to eat locally on a daily basis,” owner Devra Gartenstein tells us. “The dinner is aimed at building community and showing that eating locally can be affordable, accessible and–of course–enjoyable,”

After holding these dinners on Capitol Hill since March, Gartenstein is now expanding to Ballard. The Humble Feast is a five-course meal that costs $12 per person, or $10 if you prepay.

On the menu this month:
-Summer Squash Stuffed with Beef (We’ll make a vegan version too.)
-Summer Salad
-Mediterranean Chickpea Salad
-Dilly Beans
-Blueberry Bars

The dinner will be held at the Salmon Bay Eagles’ Lodge starting at 7PM on Monday July 18. After that, the dinners will be the third Monday of each month in the same location. More information can be found here.

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