Geeky Ballard mom back from NASA

It was quite a ride for Sharon Feliciano – literally. She is back from her whirlwind trip to Houston.

The Ballard mom and Parently Geekly blogger was invited to NASA last week as part of a social media “Tweetup.”

Shuttle Mission Control busy supporting the STS-135 Mission

As part of the trip, Feliciano got to take a ride in the shuttle simulator, see mission control buzzing with activity as they supported the STS-135 mission and learn about the American space program.

Feliciano with Astronaut Clayton Anderson

One of the highlights was to talk with Astronaut Ronald Garan at the International Space Station.”Are you having fun?” Feliciano asked. Garan replied, “Yes, yes I am! But it’s way past my bedtime.” You can listen to the conversation here.

Testing a Space suit in the Neutral Buoyancy Lab.

“I got to do and see thing that I never thought possible,” Feliciano tells us. “The NASA employees were enthusiastic and gracious hosts, and I left not feeling as sad about the end of the shuttle program, but instead excited about what the future of human space flight holds.” You can see Feliciano’s photos here.

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