Donated trunks dumped at Kirke Park

There is a pile of large tree trunks sitting in the middle of Kirke Park (7028 9th Ave NW.) Not to worry, they’re there for a reason.

Our dog Elsie in front of the stumps as a reference point for their size.

The trunks were donated by Meyer Wells, an Interbay company that builds furniture from reclaimed trees. John Wells tells us that the tree came from a yard in Magnolia. They used a good portion to make a stairwell and wall paneling and decided to donate the rest. “When this project came along, we thought it would be the perfect way to give back,” Wells says.

Kelly Goold with Seattle Parks and Recreation says that the trunks will be part of the adventure trail once the park is built. Although there is no specific start date, Goold thinks construction will start this fall and be finished in the spring.

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