Ballard Avenue boutique closing this weekend

After seven years on Ballard Avenue, 20twenty (5208 Ballard Ave) is closing.

Owner Joel Leshefka posted this note on his blog last month:

After 7 incredible, inspired, tiring, and ultimately fulfilling years, it is with bittersweet feelings that I’m announcing the final day of business for 20twenty as September 11th, 2011.

Those who know me well, know this is a decision I’ve debated for the past couple of years, and was an extremely difficult one to make. This has less to do with finances, and more with my direction as a human, and small business owner.

20twenty was my baby, the first thing I ever gave myself to fully, but it was also just a start. Anyone who has a built a business from the ground up, will tell you how consuming it is. It becomes apart of your family, your social life….

The closure of 20twenty will allow me to grow and create in ways not possible now.

I’m so thankful to the 100’s of artists that showed their artwork on our walls, sold their creative goods in our store. It was fun.

Of course special love to all the amazing employees I’ve had over the years, and the customers who’ve supported 20twenty. I’ve been working in the store the past 3 weeks, and I can say without a doubt, serving such kind, rad people has always been a big part of why I wanted a retail space originally.

Seattle is an amazing city, I feel blessed to have been apart of this neighborhood and community for so long.

What’s next?

Cairo and more Cairo. I won’t say that I’ve been playing favorites, but I kind of have for awhile now….

More than just a retail space, Cairo has helped me understand what a space without limitations can look like. It’s a retail store, online store, a silkscreening studio, event creator, and now record label.

What Cairo does, is more of what I want to focus on and keep creating. If you haven’t had a chance to come by check it out, I hope you will soon. And if you live in a nice sunny place, you may be getting a Cairo in your town soon….just sayin.

Joel Leshefka

(Thank you, Christina for the tip and photo.)

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