Skipper hosts walking tour of Ballard Locks

Take a tour of the Ballard Locks and let Captain Gary Covich lead the way. The Locks are the third most visited site in Seattle, so it’s an obvious choice for Yodio Tours, a new audio tour app that’s available on Android phones.

From Yodio

Captain Gary Covich, a second generation Seattle native and skipper of a crab boat, introduces you to one of the most popular visitor destinations in Seattle – The Ballard Locks. For nearly a hundred years these Ballard Locks have carried boats between the saltwater of Puget Sound and the fresh water of Lake Washington. A visit to these locks also offers an up close view of the fish ladder for salmon to climb as they return from their stay in the Pacific Ocean. With a bit of luck you’ll see big boats transit the locks and big salmon climb the ladder. This tour begins at 3005 NW 54th in Seattle’s Ballard community (several miles north of Downtown Seattle). The Locks include a visitor’s center, picnic areas, and botanical gardens and there is metered public parking at the entrance.

Other tours include a look at the Deadliest Tour (Crab Fleet story,) Fishermen’s Terminal and the historic waterfront. You can find all the tours here.

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