14th Ave NW one step closer to a makeover

Landscaping architecture firm Mithun has been hired to begin the project of turning 14th Ave NW into a park boulevard. Dawn Hemminger with the East Ballard Community Association says the boulevard will span two to three blocks, between 60th and 63rd.

One of the sketches of the park boulevard plan presented to the Ballard District Council in February

According to the East Ballard Community Association blog, the park boulevard committee worked with the Seattle Parks Department this spring/summer to put together a list of five consultants to interview. The five were Kenneth PhilpKPGMithun,  Otak, and Swift.

From the blog:

On behalf of our steering committee, I want to express our most sincere thanks to those at Kenneth Philp, KPG and Otak who showed such incredible enthusiasm for our park and who took the time and effort to get to know us and our project a little better. I hope that our paths will cross again one day.

In an email, Hemminger wrote, “If you had told me six years ago when we started developing our big vision of a park boulevard on 14th that I’d be making this announcement today, I wouldn’t have believed you! But I now believe our community is strong enough to move mountains!”

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