Student video contest encourages teens to address environmental issues

Local non-profit Facing the Future is promoting a student video contest called, “Make a Sound Impact,” for 13-19 year-olds. The theme is environmental awareness of the Puget Sound and prizes include $300 and Flip video cameras to the top three submissions. The deadline to submit is November 28.

According to Facing the Future, videos can be up to two minutes long, and should have the following criteria:

  • Video effectively and accurately addresses issues in Puget Sound and facts are included as evidence to support video’s claims.
  • Video recording is innovative, loud and clear enough to be heard, and the images, props, people, and/or text are used creatively and effectively.
  • Video is persuasive and provides information to help people take positive action in order to help keep Puget Sound healthy.

The first ten students to enter will win a free FlipMinoHD camera for their class. If 10 or more students from a classroom enters the contest, the class will receive a set of curriculum from Facing the Future.

To submit a video, visit this site. Winners will be announced December 20 on Facing the Future’s website.

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