City to survey people on the street in Ballard

The Seattle Department of Transportation wants to know why you come to the Ballard business district. SDOT has hired a professional surveying company to conduct a “neighborhood business district intercept access survey”.

The goal of the survey is to better understand:
• How often people visit neighborhood business districts
• The purpose of their visit
• What modes people use to access these business districts
• What factors affect their mode choice
• What improvements would support their continued patronage

Surveyors will be at two or three of the busiest intersections in Ballard during the afternoon and evening hours Thursday through Sunday. Every fifth person passing by will be asked to take the survey. More than 300 people will be interviewed here in Ballard and on Capitol Hill, 250 people in several other neighborhoods.

“The survey results will help SDOT and the chambers better understand the purpose and patterns of travel to and from the business districts,” Marybeth Turner with SDOT says. “SDOT expects to have the results to share with the local Chambers of Commerce in November.”

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