Rain boots needed for outdoor adventures

Nature Vision is a non-profit group that takes kids outdoors to learn about the environment. Carmen Zelaya is a lead naturalist with the organization, and an active member of the MyBallard forum.

A photo of a summer day camp courtesy Nature Vision.

Zelaya posted this call out for rain boots in the forum:

Through my awesome nonprofit, I often take kids to the beach to learn about the wildlife and ecosystems there. Last year I had an underserved high school group, that although they had been super excited to go on the field trip, refused to get their shoes wet & go near the water. They totally missed out. Only later was it brought to my attention that they didn’t OWN another pair of shoes to change into! My heart just broke.

This is where *you* come in. I’d like to collect any old rainboots in ALL sizes, toddler to grown man, so we have a stock of “loaners”. Please let me know what you have, I’ll plan on picking up over the weekend.

A photo of a summer day camp courtesy Nature Vision.

“We don’t do much in Ballard, but only due to lack of exposure,” she tells us. “We are fully available to serve the area. Interested teachers can explore our website for the programs we offer, and there is funding for underserved schools. If not eligible for free classes or funding runs out, $85 per class is a smokin deal for PTAs.” A list of the Nature Vision classes can be found here (.pdf.)

If you have boots to donate you can email Carmen at biophile87@yahoo.com. If you have questions or would like to book a class email info@naturevision.org.

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