Large swing set being replaced at Gilman Park

Gilman Park (923 NW 54th St) is a popular playground for many kids, so it came as a surprise to parents when they showed up on Tuesday only to find crews tearing down the swing set.

“The last big swing set in town bites the dust at Gilman Park,” Mike writes.

According to Dewey Potter with Seattle Parks and Recreation, the 14-foot swing set is being replaced by a ten-foot swing and wood chips will replace the current sand surface. “Parks needs to do this because there is not room enough to install the larger containment area a 14 foot high swing requires,” Potter tells us. She also says that the new wood chip surface is safer and is accessible to everyone.

The playground will be closed during the project, but just a few blocks away, Ross Playground (4320 4th Ave. NW) has all new equipment. Pam Alspaugh is the Senior Landscape Architect and can be reached for comment or questions at (Thanks Mike for the photos.)

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