Alleged attacker believed woman jogging in Carkeek was ‘marijuana goddess’

The man accused of attacking a woman in Carkeek Park last week believed she was a “marijuana goddess” and he wanted to take her in the woods and have sex with her, Kiro7 is reporting. Kiro, citing court documents, says the woman fought the attacker off and kicked him in the groin.

The suspect, Jack Sun Keewatinawin, turned to run away. When she yelled that she was going to call police, he told her not to worry about it that he’d do it for her. She then overheard him telling someone that he had just attacked a woman. According to the documents, Keewatinawin did call 911. So did the victim. When police caught up with the suspect, he admitted to the crime. “He said he smoked marijuana most of Sunday evening and that when he woke up Monday, ‘he was still a little high,’ according to the documents. He said that as the woman jogged past him, he tried to catch her because he thought she was the ‘marijuana goddess.’ He said that if he caught her, his intent was to take her into the woods and have sex with her,” the Kiro report states.

Keewatinawin has been charged with second-degree assault with sexual motivation in the attack.

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