Ballard church wants first car camping program

Our Redeemer’s Lutheran Church (2400 NW 85th St), who has long been helpers of the homeless, is looking to host the city’s first car camping program.

Pastor Steve Grumm tells us that the congregation has agreed to allow one to five cars to stay overnight in the church parking lot, as soon as they find a partner to work with them. That partner, which Grumm says is possibly the city, would help the church vet participants. That vetting process will include a background check and Level 3 sex offender check. The partner will also work with the car campers on the social and human services front. The participants would have access to the church restrooms, Grumm says.

Over the years, Grumm says, the church has fielded requests by people to sleep in their cars on church property and have asked people to leave who have stayed without permission. For this program, though, they have not started the process to look for participants.

There will be a public meeting before any final decisions are made so neighbors can ask questions and voice their concerns. We will post a notice as soon as we hear when that meeting will be. (Thank you Norse for posting this in the forum.)

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