$100 reward for finding those responsible for damaged trees

Sometime Saturday evening, Fred Godfrey tells us that someone damaged a half dozen trees in front of St. Paul’s UCC Church on NW 65th St. The trees aren’t just damaged, they’ve been decapitated. All that remains are skinny little trunks.

Godfrey is a member of the church. He is offering a $100 reward if the people responsible are caught. “We would just like to find out who’s responsible and hold them accountable,” Godfrey tells us. Someone in the neighborhood, he syas, saw kids damaging the trees but couldn’t identify who they were.

The trees were free from the city. Godfrey says that Pastor Tim Devine is now working with the city to see what can be done to either save the trees or replace them.

If you have information on who damaged these trees you can call Godfrey at 206-856-6259.

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