Owner of Ballard Market supports plastic bag ban

The Seattle City Council wants shoppers to use reusable shopping bags. A proposal introduced Monday would ban plastic bags from grocers, retailers and department stores and charge a five-cent fee for paper bags. A proposal that Town & Country Markets, which includes Ballard Market, is in support of. “Getting plastic out of the system is the right thing to do,” said Tony D’Onofrio, sustainability director for the Town & Country Markets tells our news partner, The Seattle Times. “The ordinance is simple enough to implement, and the 5-cent fee will offset some of the costs to grocers.”

Seattle voters rejected a measure in 2009 that would charge a 20-cent fee for plastic and paper bags.

According to the Seattle Times, seven of the nine Seattle City Councilmembers have signed onto the bill that was introduced by Councilmember Mike O’Brien.

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