Local couple opening artisan brewery in Ballard

After a successful bout as home-brewers, Ballardites Adam and Grace Robbings are getting ready to share their passion for beer with the world, or at least with Seattle. Next summer they plan to open Reuben’s Brews in East Ballard at 1406 NW 53rd St.

“You may have already tried our beers,” they write in a press release. “As homebrewers, we were the People’s Choice First Place recipient in the PNA Winter Beer Taste in 2010 with our Roasted Rye PA. Our Best of Show American Brown was brewed by Anacortes Brewery in the fall of 2011, and served in a number of Seattle locations. Our co-founder and brewer Adam Robbings is an award-winning homebrewer with a vast collection of brews he can’t wait for you to enjoy.”

The artisan brewery and family-friendly taproom will have seasonal rotating ales. “This last year I’ve taken a commercial brewing program at UC Davis, attended the Craft Brewers Conference and worked hard to build a strong line up of award winning brews,” Adam tells us.

The Robbings want people to come in, drink a brew and tell them what you think. “Having a taproom was key to our plans – we really want to meet our customers and get direct feedback from them on our brews. We also can’t wait to show people our brewery and explain our artisan processes!” Adam says.

“My wife and I really enjoy sharing our passion with others by pouring our beers,” Adam says. “It’s something we have a passion for, enjoy, and can’t wait to share with others. It was something we couldn’t resist!”

You can follow their progress on the Reuben’s Brews Facebook page.

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