More of your snow photos

We’ve received many, many pictures of your fun in the snow. I apologize if we don’t post everyone’s – it’s a really time-consuming task.

This one’s for the grandma living in Ohio who wants to see her grandson on MyBallard.

“Steep driveways make fun sled hills on Jones Ave NW! The Selleck family”

“Our puppy dogs, Stella and Hoku ala, are enjoying the snow, though it’s a bit deep for them!” Stephen writes.

Hello Kitty!

Hitting the roads. Thanks for the photo Tim!

“I’m sending along Ballard snow day coverage from Whittier Heights. This is the 12th Avenue block between 75th and 77th,” Chuck writes.
Lamont in the snow.

“Sharing one of our snow pictures! Love all the ones coming in!” Jen writes.

Lauren D. sent us this photo of the beach at Carkeek, looking to the north.

Madeleine hanging out in our plum tree this morning after a bit of sledding.

Rachelle sent us this photo of Harry Potter that three Whittier 4th grade girls created.

A sign of spring?

Snow angels, snow ball, walking to Honore bakery!

Kaden Ripley and Dori Buttleman in their snow day igloo. Designed by the dads!

Danielle sent us this photo.

Staying warm in the snow.

Baby Brielle’s first snow! 3 1/2 months old.

“My puppy Mika 1st time in snow,” Sharryn says.

Lexy loves the snow.

“Andie (age 13) and Anna (age 10) worked hard to put these snowmen together,” Scott writes.

“My neighbors across the street made this snow monster. No idea how they got the glowing eyes.”

Dog day in Ballard.

“Gerald Braveheart, the Scotty dog, is not afraid of a little snow!” MB writes.

Just chillin’ at Ballard Corners Park.

Amelia having fun in the snow near 70th and 8th while walking the dog. First time enjoying the snow as a toddler!

“This lady skied all the way down from sunset hill and was cruising around on the beach! what a trooper!” Brett writes.

“This is our dog, Marlee, catching a snowball at our house in West Woodland,” Matt and Sarah write.

Stroppy not trusting the snowman at Ballard Corners Park.

“The snow gave me a perfect excuse to support our neighborhood businesses and sled over to The Fat Hen for lunch,” Misha writes.

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