Seattle Schools asking for two-day snow waiver

Students may not have to make up all three school days they missed during this month’s snow storm. Officials at Seattle Public Schools (SPS) want to waive two days instead of tacking them onto the end of the year, which they say would cost the district $500,000.

Lola Velush, a first grader at Whittier, enjoying a snow day.

SPS is asking the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) for a waiver for the January 19th and January 20th snow days. During the storm Governor Gregoire declared a State of Emergency for those days. “This [the waiver] is contingent on a decision allowing the Emergency Proclamation to apply to schools in King County,” the release states. “OSPI officials said they will have more information next month on how to apply for waivers.”

One of the days was made up last Friday, leaving the other two. According to the district, they cannot make up the days during mid-winter break because families and staff have already arranged their schedules around the time off.

As a side note, next year’s mid-winter break is not a full week, but a four-day weekend with the Friday before President’s Day a day off and that Monday.

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