2 injured in assault with weapons at Bergen Place

Just before 11 p.m., police and firefighters responded to Bergen Place at 22nd and Market St. for an assault with weapons call. We arrived a short time later and watched as medics treated two patients. Both were taken to the hospital.

Police say two people were assaulted “from what is believed to be a knife,” and both injuries are not life-threatening. “One victim had a speech disability preventing him from providing officers with any information and the other victim was uncooperative with investigating officers,” explained Detective Jeff Kappel. “We therefore have no additional details and no suspect information.”

One man who spoke with responding officers told us one of the victims is his son. He said his son and a friend were assaulted in a robbery — one stabbed in the abdomen, the other in the face — and the suspect fled the scene.

Medics discovered the patients on the sidewalk at the northern tip of the park. Detective Kappel said the assault appeared to take place about a block south. We watched as officers looked in the bushes in the southern part of the park for evidence. Police say the assault is an “active and on-going investigation,” and we’ll certainly update you with any new information.

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