Moisture Festival to start this Thursday

From our sister site, Fremont Universe.

The Moisture Festival, the world’s largest Comedy/Varietè festival, begins its ninth-annual, four-week run on Thursday, March 15th and goes until April 8th.

The Moisture Festival encourages creativity in the form of an affordable annual festival showcasing the art of live comedy/variete performance.

Events take place at all over Seattle, specifically at Hale’s Palladium here in Fremont.

The opening night show will kick off the 2012 festival in grand style at Hale’s. The Moisture Festival’s variety shows feature a rapid succession of acts showcasing comedy alongside awe-inspiring physical and mental dexterity, with poignant moments of strength and delicate beauty.

To find out more about the events and performers at the festival and how to buy tickets, check out their website.

Photo by Michelle Bates

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