Parkour Visions offers summer camp program

Correction: Parkour Visions is no longer located in Ballard; their correct address is 1210 West Nickerson Street in Queen Anne.

EarlierParkour Visions on the Ballard/Fremont line (4216 6th Ave NW) is offering a summer camp program for youngsters who need to burn some energy. Parkour is a full-body sport that involves, “overcoming obstacles effectively and swiftly using only your body,” according to coaches from the gym. “Fundamentals include running, jumping, crawling, and climbing, in order to pass over, under, around, and through obstacles in the everyday world.” They say parkour is for all levels of experience or fitness, and, “improves our ability to move, increases our confidence, and changes how we see the world.”

A video of one of Parkour Visions’ coaches demonstrating parkour

The camps they will offer are as follows:

Basics Camps are a great way to get started with parkour, so bring your friends! We’ll learn fundamental parkour movements, keys to safe parkour practice, and play a bunch of parkour-based games to keep you moving and having fun! We’ll also visit some local parks and learn how to apply our parkour skills to environments outside the gym.

Intermediate Camps are for people who know all the parkour basics (Level 2 students or people who’ve been training parkour on their own for a year or so) and are looking to develop strength, flow, and parkour vision both in the gym and outside.

Advanced Camps are for PKV level 3 students and for people with several years of parkour experience. We’ll train outdoors all over the city and focus on learning how to train safely and effectively outdoors.

Each camp is three hours long and runs Monday to Friday. The cost is $195 per camp if you sign up before April 1, and $230 per camp if you sign up later. Single days are also an option for $55 per day.

Here is a schedule of camps:

·         Apr 16–20 – Kids Indoor Basics Camp

·         Jun 25–29 – Kids Basics, Teen Basics

·         July 9–13 – Young Kids Basics, Kids Basics

·         July 30–Aug 3 – Young Kids Basics, Kids Advanced

·         Aug 13–17 – Kids Basics, Teen Basics

·         Aug 20–24 – Kids Intermediate

(“Young kids” are 5-8 years old, “Kids” are 8-13, and “Teens” are 13-17)

To learn more, visit the Parkour Visions’ website.

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