New monorail expansion proposal to connect Ballard with West Seattle

The newly formed Century Transportation Authority, or CenTran, has unveiled a new proposal to expand the monorail to Ballard and West Seattle. The organization, formed by Elizabeth Campbell, is also looking for board members.

The purpose of the proposal, as described on their website, would be to create:

“…a transportation system that utilizes train cars running on a guideway, together with the necessary passenger stations, terminals, parking facilities, related facilities or other properties and facilities necessary for the system  –  including  passenger and vehicular access to and from people-moving systems such as High Capacity Personal Rapid Transit (HCPRT) that has multiple off-line stations to collect and distribute riders to and from the monorail system, including fixed guideway light rail systems (which include any tram and trolley systems such as the waterfront trolley or the streetcar in the South Lake Union area of the city, and high capacity personal rapid transit.)”

The system would flow from north Ballard, through 15th Ave NW. It would then swing down along the west side of the Seattle Center, and go west to Western Ave., running south along the Alaskan Way Viaduct, south to 1st Ave, and then west to West Seattle. Here is a map of the proposed route.

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