Ballard Rotary honors student of the month

Cassandra Winter

Cassie Winter is a dynamic, bright student at Ballard High, where she currently maintainsa 3.9 cumulative GPA. She has been a varsity soccer player since her freshman year,the only girl to reach such an accomplishment in her class. She was captain of the Fall2011 varsity team. Cassie was also part of the Biotechnology Academy for three years,in which she excelled in a rigorous, science-based curriculum. Outside of the classroom,Cassie participates in DECA, Model UN, club soccer, and track, all while holding ajob at Alexa’s Garden Café in Swansons Nursery. Next year, Cassie plans on attending the University of Puget Sound, where she received an academic and athletic scholarship. Sheplans on studying biological science and continuing her soccer career.

Macklin Hamilton

Macklin Hamilton is one of the most involved students at Ballard High. He holds a3.69 cumulative GPA, while simultaneously participating heavily in extracurriculars. Inthe music department, Macklin participates in choir, vocal jazz, and men’s ensemble.Macklin balances these activities with his involvement in the drama department, wherehe is part of the school play and Thespian Society, an honorary organization for studentsinvolved in theatre. Macklin has been able to merge his love of music and drama withhis participation in the school musical, where he acts, sings, and helps out backstage.Next year, Macklin plans on attending a four year university, where he will major in thesciences, with a minor in music.

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