Ballard tech company releases geotagging app

A Ballard-based startup has released a new app: it’s called, and it allows Twitter users to see Tweets in a specific location. The company is 47 Degrees, and they’re located at the end of a dock just off Shilshole Ave NW. Co-founder Derek Punsalan says he and another founding member were living in Ballard when the company was started, and knew they wanted their offices to be in the neighborhood. “Great coffee shops, fantastic food options and an overall friendly neighborhood convinced all of us that our office needed to be in Ballard,” writes Punsalan. is designed to allow users to read Tweets from people in their immediate vicinity. Punsalan says that while Twitter is a powerful tool, it can be “extremely ‘noisy.'” He explains as, “a focused view of Twitter in the context of a specific location. The app can be used to monitor activity at or around conferences, sporting events or community events,” says Punsalan.

Punsalan says he’s found the app helpful while searching for a new home. “Over the past few weeks I’ve visited a number of open houses in and around Ballard. With, I’m able to discover what people are saying relative to a particular house I’m looking at,” says Punsalan. “With filters I can learn about crime or suspicious activity (reported by Twitter users).” He says that the results serve as interesting reference points.

Co-founder Nick Elsberry told GeekWire that they see people using it to find out what others are saying about specific events like sports games and conferences.“Other people just really enjoy seeing who is saying what around you,” Elsberry said. is free, and is available on the iPhone and Android.

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