King County gives go-ahead for Ballard’s RapidRide service to start in September

The Metropolitan King County Council has voted unanimously on a start date for Metro Transit to make service changes that will allow for faster transit from Ballard and West Seattle to downtown. The service, known as RapidRide, will officially start September 29, 2012, coinciding with the new service hours affecting 48 changes throughout the transit system. Ballard will be served by Line D, which will travel from Ballard to downtown along 15th Ave NW.

From the King County Council:

“With this transit service change, King County will use existing resources to carry more riders to more destinations,” said Councilmember Larry Phillips, chair of the Council’s Transportation, Economy and Environment Committee, whose district includes Ballard. “By delivering RapidRide and restructuring the system to become more efficient, county leaders are continuing to carry out our commitment to make Metro service better and more cost effective.”

For a full list of the transit changes to come in September, visit the County’s Have a Say website.

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