Dakota Art Store moves to Ballard

Good news for Ballard artists: the Dakota Art Store has made the move from their old location on Roosevelt to 2000 NW Market St., where Sustainable used to sell recycled furniture.

As of this afternoon, the store’s employees were steadily stocking shelves, ready for what they hope will be a July 1 opening, according to store owner Craig Lemley. On their move to Ballard after 22 years on Roosevelt, Lemley says they were happy to relocate to what he says is a “very artistic community.” He’s looking forward to the foot traffic the location will offer, which is in contrast to their old location at 6110 Roosevelt Way NE.

Behind the counter is a huge mural that spells “Dakota,” done by artist Kevin Sensei 23, using mostly art-grade spray paint and acrylic paints. The store will have a soft opening this weekend, but hope to have a larger grand opening in a couple weeks, likely during Ballard’s SeafoodFest.

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