Local authors explore Seattle one stair at a time

A couple local authors have put together an urban hiking book that explores Seattle’s best stairway walks, and Golden Gardens is one of the featured hikes. The book is called “Seattle Stairway Walks: An Up-and-Down Guide to City Neighborhoods,” and it was written by Jake and Cathy Jaramillo of West Seattle.

Golden Gardens, photo courtesy Jake Jaramillo

The hiking book, which was just published by Mountaineer Books, details 25 routes all over Seattle. In addition to the Golden Gardens hike, the authors explore nearby Fremont Peak Park, which leads hikers along the canal and up to the park, which they describe as, “a very cool pocket park with a mythological theme and big views to the west.”

“Stairs are like scenic byways into the neighborhoods,” Jake Jaramillo, told our news partners, The Seattle Times. “You get great views and small moments of serendipity. You get a pocket park or a work of art that is done by somebody in the neighborhood. You learn about their stories.”

The authors have a website that details all the routes in the book, and they’ve even broken them down by Seattle regions. (Here’s the link to the North Seattle hikes.) “Each neighborhood exploration includes background on the scenery, history, architecture and lore to be encountered along the way. The routes cover a broad range of distances, many are kid-friendly, and interesting local hangouts for a snack, a coffee or a pint are pointed out too,” Jaramillo writes.

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