Ballard hen once again on the loose

Update: Henrietta has been reunited with her owners. Mindy Bell responded to our post this morning, saying she had Henrietta at her home. Bell found her yesterday afternoon when she was getting home; a neighbor thought the hen might be hers. Bell picked her up on NW 72nd St. “When I picked her up I noticed that her comb looked different and she seemed younger. I got back to my coop and my black and white hen (Bubbles) was inside the nesting box. Henrietta was cowering under some shrubbery when I found her. She was cold and shaking.” Lisa Mudgett’s husband, Dan, tells us Henrietta traveled at least 14 blocks from her home at 30th Ave NW and NW 67th St.

Earlier: Henrietta, the intrepid Ballard traveling hen, is again on the loose. Her owner, Lisa Mudgett, tells us she flew the coop just a day ago. “She wasn’t in her coop sleeping when we got home last night, so we’re guessing she’s on another neighborhood adventure,” Mudgett writes.

Henrietta’s last adventure was around Thanksgiving during a big wind and rain storm. “If anyone finds a stray chicken in his/her yard, we’d really like to have her back home safe and sound.  And we clearly need to invest in some better containment for our yard…” Mudgett adds.

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