Sen. Kohl-Welles named to higher education committee

Our 36th District Sen. Jeanne Kohl-Welles is now the ranking minority member of the Higher Education Committee. She will continue to serve on the budget-writing Ways & Means Committee, the Rules Committee, and the Law & Justice Committee.

“As a former chair of the Higher Education Committee, I look forward enthusiastically to working on an issue I consider vital to the development and success of our young men and women and future leaders,” Kohl-Welles said in a statement. “The quality of the educational opportunities we offer today will determine the vitality of our economy and society for future generations.”

Sen. Kohl-Welles has been vocal about gun control since the Connecticut shooting last month. “It is time — indeed, it is well past time — that we put public safety ahead of our society’s blind, unthinking resistance to any effort to crack down on illegal gun purchases or access by the mentally unstable,” she said in a statement. She said she plans to revive the gun control dialogue in the current legislative session.

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