Man ‘lured’ into, robbed at Golden Gardens

A man claims he was pistol whipped and robbed after being lured in Golden Gardens park on Saturday night by an acquaintance he says owed him money. According to the SPD Blotter, the victim says he met the acquaintance and two “associates” to discuss the money transfer in a remote part of the park, when they produced a handgun and robbed him. The victim claims they then “pistol-whipped” and robbed him, stealing both his necklace and vehicle.

SPD says the victim reported that the suspect holding the gun accidentally went off when he was pistol whipped, causing all three suspects to flee.

From the SPD Blotter:

“Even though the victim stated that he was pistol whipped and punched in the face, the only injury he sustained was a small scratch and minor bruising. Seattle Fire Department responded to the scene, cleaned his injury and determined that he did not need any further treatment, not even a bandage.

When directly asked, the victim would not rule out the possibility that drugs were involved in this incident.

A later check of the victim’s criminal history revealed that he has over 50 prior arrests. All of his most recent arrests were for narcotics violations.”

Police took the victim’s statement and reported the vehicle stolen. The investigation is still open.

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