Residents report burglaries in Sunset Hill

We received reports that multiple burglaries occurred last night in the Sunset Hill neighborhood. A reader emailed us stating that her house had been broken into and that a SPD officer confirmed that they had responded to another four burglaries in the area last night.

Our reader, who requested to remain anonymous, lives on 70th St near 32nd St. “They came in through a window in our kitchen and out a side door. They stole jewelry and they went through all of our drawers but did not take electronics”, wrote our reader. The burglars also went through their liquor cabinet, fridge and medicine cabinet. No one was home when the break in took place.

Their neighbor directly next door was also robbed. Their window was broken and jewelry and tequila were stolen.

We have been in contact with the SPD and are awaiting further information about the crimes. We will update the post with any new information.

If your home has been burgled report it to the SPD North Precinct by calling them at 206-625-5011. If it is an emergency call 911.

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