Ballard Basin Project open house to be held tonight

Seattle Public Utilities (SPU) is holding an open house tonight about the use of drainage systems to prevent sewage overflows into Salmon Bay. All are welcome to attend to ask questions about the Ballard Basin Project and talk to staff.

This project combines natural drainage, otherwise known as Green Stormwater Infrastructure (GSI), and underground storage to control the close to six million gallons of sewage and stormwater in the area. Even with a small amount of rainfall overflows of waste into the Ship Canal and Salmon Bay are common. Drainage opportunities within Ballard include rain gardens which are landscaped areas that allow stormwater to soak into the ground.

The open house event aims to answer community questions about the progress and future of the project. It will be held tonight from 6 – 8 p.m. at the Sunset Hill Community Club (3003 NW 66th St).

If you are unable to attend,  information will be posted on the Ballard Basin website following the meeting.

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