East Ballard is rain garden ready

The East Ballard Greenstreet project team are seeking local homeowners who are interested in being involved in a neighborhood rain garden project. Project organizers will select a number of East Ballard properties along one block and will work with residents and volunteers to construct a community rain garden at no charge to homeowners.

The rain garden will provide multiple benefits to both the street and the local community. The project will beautify the street and provide habitat for birds, butterflies and other species. The rain gardens will also reduce polluted street runoff from flowing into Salmon Bay at the end of 11th Avenue NW.

The project is funded by The Russell Family Foundation in collaboration with Antioch University and East Ballard Community Association. It is open to submissions from homeowners who live south of NW 65th Street and east of 15th Avenue NW and west of 3rd Avenue NW.  To check out a map of the boundaries click on the image below.

The team will select the cluster of homeowners based on the criteria mentioned in their flier. The homeowners will be contacted and will also be announced on February 28 at the East Ballard Community Association Monthly meeting (location TBA).

If you do live within the boundaries and are interested contact Project Manager Cari Simson at 206-234-5102 or email csimson@antioch.edu as soon as possible.

We will keep you updated on the progress of this local initiative.

Photo courtesy of  Urbanraindesign.com

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