Local group petitions for more beach volleyball courts at Golden Gardens

Local group Golden Garden Beach Volleyball Players is petitioning Seattle Parks Department to create more beach volley ball courts at Golden Gardens. The group is petitioning for the addition of two to four new beach volleyball courts to add to the existing three.

The group are petitioning for these extra courts to allow public access to play beach volleyball during the summer. “With the recent surge in popularity of beach volleyball, leagues and private business entities have taken over the courts at Golden Gardens during the summer,” wrote group organizers in the petition.

The petition is proposing that Seattle Parks Department also modifies the reservation policy to refrain from renting out more than half of the available courts at any given time. According to Golden Gardens Beach Volleyball Players this change would allow some courts to be open to the public at all times.

“With the growing popularity of beach volleyball, and as one of the area players, it is frustrating to go to our beaches and not have enough courts for everyone to play,” said petition supporter Josie Smallwood.

The petition currently has 109 supporters. The group will be presenting it to Seattle Parks Department next Tuesday, March 5th.

To find out more and check out the petition click here.

We will update readers with the progress of the petition after the meeting next week.

Image courtesy of Golden Gardens Beach Volleyball Players.

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