District Council approves neighborhood fund projects at monthly meeting

By Avneet Singh Chattha – UW News Lab

Before microphones were even turned on, eager local residents filled the Ballard Library’s meeting room Wednesday night for the monthly district council meeting. They had the opportunity to meet Ballard’s new Seattle Police Department community officer, as well as hear about five proposed neighborhood projects competing for the district’s share of the city’s $1.25 million Neighborhood Park and Street Fund.

Tim Wear, a 28-year veteran with SPD, was assigned to Ballard during the 1980s. Now returning just over two decades later, Wear joked about the changes in Ballard saying, “I got lost when I came back to Ballard, because of all the new construction.”
On a more serious note, Wear said he has already taken steps to keep Ballard safe as the community continues to see a boom in growth. “I have helped to establish ‘the dirty dozen,’ said Wear, essentially a “most wanted” list in Ballard. “These are all high impact offenders. Today we arrested the most nefarious offender.”

Wear said that if officers are not arresting these offenders, they are getting them help for mental-health or drug and alcohol abuse issues. His next major project is to issue nuisance abatements for five houses in the community where police believe people are carrying out suspicious activities. He encouraged Ballard residents to call in as soon as they see something out of the ordinary. “If you cannot call, please send an email with pictures,” said Wear. Readers can contact Wear at (206) 233 – 3733 or by email at timothy.wear@seattle.gov.

The council meeting also covered Ballard’s share of the Neighborhood Park Street Fund, that being $90,000. Council members approved three of five proposed projects; these will now be sent to respective city departments for cost and feasibility studies. Two of the projects look to improve pedestrian safety at the intersections of 11th Ave NW and NW Market Street, and 13th Avenue NW and NW Holman Road. The third project proposes a rain garden in Kirke Park, located in the 7000 block of 9th Avenue NW. “We are glad that people agree with the committee,” said council member Kirk Robbins after tallying up the votes on the projects. “We believe that these three projects will affect the most number of people and bring the most bang for their buck.”

The two projects that were not approved called for installing curb bulbs on NW 93rd St and 22nd Ave NW, and maintaining overgrown shrubbery on 36th Ave NW and NW 62nd Street.

Council President Catherine Weatbrook also called for volunteers who are interested in joining the last open committee in charge of the Large Projects Fund. Any locals who are interested can email Weatbrook at catherine.weatbrook@gmail.com

To find out more about Ballard District Council visit their website here.

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